Friday, March 6, 2009

Review of Spinach Stuffed Shells

The stuffed shells are excellent.

I didn't even miss ricotta (usually I would LOATHE using non-fat cottage cheese instead of real whole-milk ricotta-- oh, did I mention it was non-fat? It was) and eggs, which are two things that usually go in my shells. The slow-cooking fixed any potential textural problems. The flavor was awesome despite the cheap sauce. This one's a keeper, folks.

Comments included:

"Very filling"


"I don't know what's in this but it tastes great!"

And from my husband, "They always say it's good, they've come to expect great food from you at this point." (Hmmm, maybe I should throw some stinkers in there so they stop taking me for granted. Just kidding! :p )

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