Thursday, March 19, 2009

For Fri. 3/20: BBQ Pork Sandwiches with Coleslaw

I started by doubling this recipe for barbeque sauce. Didn't really deviate from it at all (okay, a LITTLE bit extra garlic. Like 2 cloves.) I use Heinz ketchup and chili sauce and Lea & Perrins Worchestershire sauce, of course. I am using, for my meat, 3 large pork butt roasts, fat trimmed, cut off the bone and the big slabs of meat thrown in with the sauce. He'll cook it 6-8 hours on Low, then shred and mix before serving (with buns to put the meat on.) The beauty of this is that you could use really any meat-- skinless chicken or turkey, beef brisket, anything you like. I don't even like barbeque sauce but this stuff smells good (probably because it has no smoke flavor in it, I cannot STAND smoked stuff, especially liquid smoke, blech!)
To go with it I made just a classic cole slaw. Here's the recipe for that:

In a large bowl or other container (I used an 8 quart Tupperware-type thing I got at Smart and Final, which I use mostly for making massive amounts of three-bean salad for parties) mix 4-5 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice with 1/2-2/3 cups Best Foods/Hellman's mayonnaise until smooth. Add sugar to taste (about 2-5 Tbsp.; this will depend on the acidity of the lemon, among other things.) Stir until well mixed. Add 1 1/2-2 Tbsp. grated white or yellow onion (I actually use the zester face of my grater, not the regular grater face) and salt and pepper to taste (I use about 1 1/2 tsp. salt and about 16 turns of my pepper grinder.) Stir well and add 2 bags of coleslaw mix (or equivalent hand-shredded cabbage and carrots.) It will look like a lot but as it mixes down it will shrink. Fold it all together or, if you're using a sealable container, put the lid on and shake it well. Refrigerate at least 6 hours (longer is good), stirring (or shaking) occasionally. Mmmmm. Perfect with hot dogs, burgers, or any other barbeque-type food.

I know the guys are going to ADORE this one...

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