Monday, March 2, 2009

Review of Bacon-Wrapped Chicken

This one went over well! Surprisingly so!

I thought, based on reviews, that without cooking the bacon it might not cook right, etc. Apparently the flavor went nicely through the dish and no one minded the texture. (Then again, they're guys in their 20s-- mostly-- and not picky.)

Several people said this is among the favorite recipes so far, actually. One guy said he's not a fan of water chestnuts (well then TELL ME these things when I ask for allergies or dislikes!) but he liked the chicken itself. My husband said the chicken was tender, falling apart after so long on high, and the sauce was delicious over the rice.

I'm thinking we need a survey to see what they want me to repeat. This one was fairly simple, if they want it again I think that can be arranged.

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