Monday, March 2, 2009

Mon. 3/2: Bacon-Wrapped Chicken

This recipe was my springboard...

I started by pretty much tripling it. I used half half breasts, actually, because I had a package of 5 huge half breasts that I cut in half.

Of course we have a mushroom allergy so I switched the soup out to 98% fat free cream of celery. I omitted the mushrooms and put in 3 cans (well, minus what I ate-- I can't resist those suckers) of sliced water chestnuts for crunch. And it looked kinda bland so I threw in about a Tbsp. of soy sauce for color and flavor, and about a tsp. of Worchestershire sauce. I tossed them around a little bit when I dumped them in so each piece would have some sauce around it, hopefully. I'm tired (after 4 hours in the emergency room) so I wasn't really loading them neatly in each surrounded by sauce.

Oh, and I couldn't find my toothpicks, which have disappeared to some mysterious place, so I used bamboo skewers, cut in thirds.

It will cook about 8 hours on high (and hopefully not overcook.) And I made white rice to serve it over. And I hope everyone will get their skewers out before they eat them. ;)

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