Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Review of Pea Soup

I'm eating a bowl of Split Pea Soup right now.

It's awesome. It's thick and creamy and everything, really, that a pea soup should be. I might tweak the flavor a weeee bit next time-- maybe a dash of caraway, a bit more celery, and a finer dice on the ham, or even a bit of bacon. But it was excellent as is. Especially with sourdough, sourdough and pea soup are just made for each other! I was glad I did not bother do mince the carrots, they fell apart as it was. They were fine sliced.

It got eaten. One person even said he wouldn't mind a repeat, but overall not RAVE reviews but well-liked. I mean, it's pea soup. It's not flashy but it's comforting and comfortable and filling and yummy. :)

I would definitely use the recipe again, and recommend it. Good pea soup. Excellent pea soup.

Now I'm going back to my bowl of pea soup. ;)

P.S.-- the Black-eyed Peas were also good. No extra water needed today, it was just the right amount. And the kids even ate them. It was nice to come home to after a doctor's appointment. We had it with fruit, actually, because after making banana pudding for dessert the kids were fussy so I opted to get them down for a nap rather than make cornbread. But it had meat so I figure we're good on protein. ;)

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