Monday, February 23, 2009

Tues. 2/24: L'hamraak Garagh (Moroccan Pumpkin Soup)

I used this recipe.


-Made 1 1/2 recipes' worth

-Used canned instead of dried beans; since dried beans approximately double their volume, used about twice as much.

-Used 2 leeks and a large onion, since leeks are expensive and it's a strong onion. I skipped sauteeing them, just put them straight in the crockpot (after washing of course-- have to be careful washing leeks, dirt can get trapped in them as they grow.)

-Used vegetable broth

-Used canned pumpkin for an easy no-puree smooth texture; will leave beans whole though

-Used allspice AND cloves AND nutmeg, because you can't have too much flavor. ;) Used ground cinnamon.

It will be served with yogurt to dollop in and chunks of "finger bread" which is just a plain, sturdy-textured wheat bread that's excellent with soup.

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