Monday, February 2, 2009

Review of Nogales Pie

The Nogales Pie turned out well. :)

Jeff ended up cooking it on Low for 7 hours, then letting it sit on Warm for a few more hours.

It wasn't quite as spicy as I could have had it, but spicy enough my kids would probably have called it spicy. ;) It could definitely have used a bit of sour cream and some avocado (or guacamole) served on top of it for color, texture and "zest." It was good though. Reminded me of a Tex-Mex lasagna. Quite a decent casserole, definitely suitable for a potluck, and I'm sure it will be made again. It didn't really dry out despite sitting on Warm for quite a while. About 2 servings were even left over.

Some comments:

"It was very very good."

"It smells really good!"

"It's a good thing you're already married to your wife, otherwise we'd have a problem..." (I guess because he'd run off with me? LOL.)

"Can she come cook at my house?"

(They really like this having dinner made for them thing, if you can't tell. ;) )

Edited to add: Emma tried it and just asked for seconds! :o This is the child who lately has shunned anything remotely spicy, including chili. She also claims to not like corn or olives. I guess it's really a winner!

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