Friday, February 6, 2009

Review of Mac and Cheese

The mac and cheese was enjoyed, apparently.

Only a little bit came back-- less than a serving for sure. (I had a feeling...)

I thought it tasted too "cheesy" for me, personally. That would probably be the sharp cheddar. But then, I don't like cheese, so... If I was planning to consume it I'd probably use mild cheddar. But I am not planning on it any time soon, since the only mac and cheese I like is from a box, much to my mom's dismay. ;)

It could maybe have used a smidge more pepper too. But I have to say, using the non-and low-fat products did not hurt anything. It was still CERTAINLY rich enough.

It was maybe a bit too eggy too. Maybe bring it down to one egg if I make it at home? (For a single batch-- that would be 2 for a double batch.)

It LOOKED mushy when I looked in the pot, but the texture was actually very firm, like a classic baked mac and cheese. So it tasted firmer than it looked.

Overall, it was liked, if they want it again I'll make it for them again. It ended up pouring rain today so it was a nice kind of "comfort food" day.

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