Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Review of Chili

Okay, not so much a review since it's my tried-and-true recipe, but comments on yesterday's chili:

First off, it was all gone. I don't mean that most of it was gone. I don't mean that they left less than a serving in there like they did with the lasagna last week. I mean it was ALL gone. There was about a Tbsp. left spread around the bottom, and probably only because they couldn't get it out without scraping it with a teaspoon (not a ladle), which is what I had to do to get a taste. LOL.

It turned out as good as it always does-- nothing special, but good. Apparently they really like chili and cornbread though, and it's so easy I think I will have to do that one again.

A few people put hot sauce in it, of course; I cater to people who like it milder because you can always add heat but it's darned tough to take it out.

Everyone Jeff asked said it was quite good. Again, it's not one of those things that gets raves-- but it was all gone at the end of the night. To me, that speaks for itself!

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