Saturday, January 31, 2009

You may wonder how I do my shopping...

...since we have only one car and my husband takes it to work. (Well, if you knew we have only one car.)

The answer is grocery delivery.

While Jeff (or all of us if I need to get out) can pick things up at the 24 hour supermarket as needed, when I forget something or whatever, for most of our tax season grocery shopping, I order from Vons online and have the food delivered. It costs a little more (no coupons, which I usually can save a lot with, plus a $12 delivery fee unless I am doing a BIG shop-- $150+-- and happen to be buying things they have a free delivery promotion for) but it is SO worth it. The delivery guy and I got to be quite good friends last year. This year there's a new one, I look forward to getting to know him! :) They are friendly, they bring the grocery bags right to my door, and it's wonderful.

I do occasionally buy things like avocados that I want to check for ripeness myself at the little market down the street, and that's where we pick up bread when we run out or snacks, since we can walk there and back and they have excellent produce. But I couldn't bring myself to drag the kids back and forth enough times to pick up everything I needed-- not to mention they have a limited selection of American products which tend to be higher priced, as they are an Armenian market-- so they fill more of a need of supplying things we decide we want suddenly/run out of in between large deliveries.

I just had my first delivery of the year and it is so nice to have all of next week's groceries put away waiting for me. (Usually I'll do it biweekly but we bought the first week's in the store.) The process to order online makes thing simpler, too-- I don't have to write a paper list, I can just toggle windows between my menu, my recipes, and the shopping page.

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