Friday, April 3, 2009

Too sick and lazy to cook tonight... they're getting a re-run.

I had all the stuff for Carnitas and they were going to have soft tacos-- but they'll have to have that another time. (Or we will.)

The whole family has been sick and I just could not do any chopping tonight.

So instead I cast around and my eyes fell upon the spaghetti sauce jar full of barbeque sauce left over from the pulled pork... It's right at the 2-week point, and a lot of it is vinegar and sugar, so it has about a week before I would throw it out (this is leftover sauce that never touched meat, you understand.) I was considering doing some chicken with it this weekend or next week. But, it saved my rear tonight.

I threw in some extra ketchup (because I had used some last week and it wasn't quite full any more) and shook it up. Then I poured over the 3.6 lb. lean shoulder pork roast I bought for the carnitas, which I left whole of course. Jeff can pick up some hamburger buns tomorrow on the way to work, and the guys will be thrilled. Jeff won't get any because he is still sick enough he shouldn't be eating it. So that means about 0.4 lbs. of meat per person-- plenty to go around. Phew! So glad I didn't throw that out the other day when on a fridge-cleaning spree (I decided I just couldn't let that work go to waste...)

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